The Art of Distilling at Long Island Spirits

Come experience the Art of Distilling at Long Island Spirits.  Take a very exclusive tour of our Distillery and learn how our Spirits are made.  The tour will be given by one of the members of our Distillery team.  After the tour come up to our Tasting Room and enjoy one of our Craft Cocktails from our Special Winterfest menu which will have Featured Cocktails available at discounted prices. Also, enjoy the live music that will be playing.

$12.00 for our Featured Winterfest Cocktails                                                  $13.50 for our Vodka Cocktails                                                                              $15.00 for our Whiskey Cocktails                                                                        $11.00 for our Vodka Tastings                                                                              $15.00 for our Whiskey Tastings

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